Yashashri 'Khanak' Masurkar

Like everyone else, I have cherished memories of my childhood...things that take me back in time and make me feel nostalgic of the wonderful times I have had...Thank You God for the best family and friends...then and now! :)


Hi everyone! here's a little about my childhood and family... :)

I come from a middle class family who believes in the Indian traditions and values...

As a child I was mischievous and studious @ the same time... loved playing hide and seek and still play the game with children whenever I can! :) I always loved my school and teachers...and I was real happy and excited on my first day unlike other kids who cried their heads out; I was a chirpy, smiling kid absolutely ready to kick off school like a rockstar! :D 
...in spite of being the impish kid that I was, I think the only bizarre memory I have from my childhood is killing frogs with stones...yuckk; but other than that, I think I would term myself a 'peaceful trouble maker'! :D 
My family: 
my mom is a sweetheart...I get my looks from her...
my dad used to be real strict but since I'm all grown up now...he doesn't restrict from doing what I wanna do as much :)
my brother is a very shy guy, he doesn't talk to strangers and if any of my friendsvisit...he locks himself in a bedroom... :D
I love them way too much, just like anyone else loves their family... :)
My childhood, school, college, hobbies:
I was into a lot of things, I would say almost all activities...I used to participate in races, plays, essay writings, story narrations, poem readings, speech competitions, drawings even...kabaddi! so basically I wanted to try my hand at everything! :) and it was encouraged by everyone coz I won a lot of trophies every year too!
While in college, I didn't have a particular hobby but drama and acting were my passion...I remember there was a play called 'Railgadi' and I wanted to play a character with some negative shades in it (in fact everyone wanted to play that), but since my parents were strict about me reachin home before 7, I had to leave early on the day of the audition...as a result, another girl was chosen for that role...I was taken in to play a role that one of the 50 other people were playing...but I guess God knew of my passion and when rehearsals started that girl was not found right as her voice wasn't loud enough and couldn't reach the audience...since I used to be backstage practicing for the same character, our director decided audition both of us again one after the other and I won that role...she is a good friend now...
...although times and life have changed...the child in me still exists and I want me to be the same forever...
I think my family and friends have always been instrumental in my success and I can't thank them enough; And I am also grateful to all you new friends who appreciate and support my work with such loyalty!

Thank You everyone! God bless always! :)