Yashashri 'Khanak' Masurkar

Like I always say...I am a simple girl with really BIG dreams so I believe in dreaming queen size because the more you dream, the closer you get to achieving your goals...so my advise to everyone is...Always Dream Big! :)

Friends, here are some of the things I want in life...things that I want to deserve and achieve with my hard work... :)

my dream:

Role: keeps changing but my all time longing is to play Simran from DDLJ! :)
Man: someone like Amitabh ji (Mr. Bachhan)
Car: Beetle
Vacation: a trip around Europe (DDLJ style! :)
Date: would be on an island or a beach with that someone special and no one else to disturb us. :)

Now just a little rapid fire on some things about me:
Things that attract me to someone: sense of humor, politeness & intelligence
Things that put me off: bad breath and snobbish attitude...

Most important thing in life to do: to fulfill all responsibilities and live up to expectations
Most important mantra in life: to be happy in every situation

Most important person/people in my life: all my family and friends...including all of you who love me so much! :)

things I like about myself: my smile, my eyes, my will power, my willingness to learn & my fingers...
things I dislike about myself : my anger, my tears, my inability to dance...