Yashashri 'Khanak' Masurkar


Now that we are such close friends, I think I should share a little bit about how I got here and where I want to be...So here it goes... :)

I started workin since I was in 8th grade....started with private tutions n then worked as an assistant in a pharmacy...then graduated to work at a pathology lab and then at a domestic call centre...After that there was a big thing in life, I worked for ALL INDIA RADIO as an announcer...that was a lot of fun! :)

Then like all other teenagers, the call centre bug bit me too :) so I worked there for some time until things changed after the day I participated in a beauty pageant called  "Shravan Queen 2009" organised by Times of India group...I won the d 2nd runner up title and I wanted to work in the media industry more but wasn't allowed to take leaves from work so decided to quit  BPOs and chase my dreams... :)

And then it happened...
...One fine day got a call for an audition of a marathi serial...I gave the audition and got selected! :)

...While I was signin my contract my producer asked me 'r u excited coz u got this project?'
...and i answered "no"...coz i always knew this was goin to happen...so wen u r sure of somethin there is no surprise for u...but i m happy an yes there is a li'l excitement to play this character... this was not my over confidence, but my belief in myself! :)

After some brief stints here and there after Laxman Resha, "Swapna Waghmare-Joshi" "Yash and Mamta Patnaik'' decided to give me a chance to play Khanak and i m really thankful to them for that...
Swapnatai(as I call her) taught me to learn about the character and concentrate on it via meditation... and I think it has really helped me a lot.

it's really nice to work with my superb team...thanks to all
my dream isn't over yet...

I still hav to build my ''JANNAT'' n decorate it with some awards...and yes work a lot....

I dreamt of bein an actor when I was really young and will try to keep improving everyday...
So i still dream... all the time... :)